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About us


ESCOEM provides comprehensive counselling to companies, professionals and pharmacies since 1985. We offer our experience in terms of tax, accounting and commercial advisory, as well as other services associated with entrepreneurship.

The main purpose of the firm and its experts is to offer an effective, high-quality service by empowering the business owner in their ability to grasp the financial standing of his or her company at any given time and receive the necessary information for proper decision making.

Our firm advocates the fulfilment of our clients' accounting and tax requirements before the Spanish Public Administration, hence relieving entrepreneurs of this responsibility—and allowing them to focus on their day-to-day business. ESCOEM has a track record of representing its clients before the Spanish Tax Agency and handles responses to inspections or statutory requirements. It also has experience filing appeals and submissions before other public authorities of the Spanish national and regional administrations, including company and property registers.



The firm is lead Antonio Ramón Iáñez Saez, who holds a degree in Business and Property Administration and Eloy García Tejada, who holds a degree in Economics and Business. Both are members of the Official Association of Commercial and Business Owners of Granada (Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Titulares Mercantiles y Empresariales de Granada), of the Spanish General Register of Tax Advisors (Registro General de Asesores Fiscales, REGAF), and of the Spanish Register of Tax Advisory Economists (Registro de Economistas Asesores Fiscales, REAF). Their tax advisory experience spans more than 30 years.


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Our principles

Our principles and values define who we are. Our hallmarks are the close and personal relationship we establish with our clients upon providing a service that constantly aims to satisfy their needs. We seek the utmost rigour and ensure to uphold the ethics of our profession when offering advice.

The correct choice of the tax regime, together with the appropriate market transactions and financial operations can make the difference between a company's survival and success or, on the contrary, its early dissolution and demise. For this reason, our Code of Ethics compels us to formulate tax strategies that are tailored to real-life situations and implement accounting, economic and financial strategies that contribute to an increase in the competitiveness of the companies we counsel.

The set of values and the principles of the firm towards third parties constitutes ESCOEM’s foundations for the observance of the applicable regulation and the stringent requirements our experts uphold when delivering their utmost dedication in their strive for professional excellence.

Our Code of Ethics is not intended as a set of rules to which we comply out of obligation, but rather a compendium of foundations and principles that act as a guide for our experts, whose work is underpinned by six key pillars:

Our main goal is your peace of mind

We provide solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. For this reason, the main goal of our experts is to achieve the satisfaction of our clients through effective and efficient services that add value to their business.