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We offer the experience y el conocimiento that we have accumulated over more than 30 years in advising companies and private individuals on complex financial transactions.

Our experts prepare corporate and structural transactions that are critical for any company, including, among others, corporate financing, project financing, banking products and real estate financing. Our financial advisory services also cover debt restructuring and refinancing operations during a business crisis, as well as negotiations with creditors and debtors.

We ultimately provide individual advice to maximise our client’s resources and capital.

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Our firm provides guidance to all types of companies on corporate finance and asset acquisitions, as well as company refinancing. As a family business with a history spanning more than a quarter of a century, we feel especially identified with these companies that we understand and share requirements. Our objective is to provide them with financial solutions adapted to their needs. The advisory services offered by this area include, among others:

Purchase and sale companies.
Capital search brokerage for the expansion of business and acceleration of growth plans.
Analysis of investment opportunities in companies for the diversification of business groups.
Preparation and advisory on banking contracts and products.
Analysis and study of dicumentary credits, mortgages, etc.

ESCOEM provides comprehensive advice on financing projects in any sector. In addition, we firmly believe that fostering the values of entrepreneurship is essential to develop and boost our society. Which is why we support entrepreneurs: they transform their projects into tangible businesses.

In recent years, we have witnessed many disputes between banks and private individuals or companies due to different clauses contained in contracts of varying nature, with clear prejudice to the latter. These contracts were signed placing full trust in the bank. Nevertheless, we highly recommended that an external professional study or analyse these contracts. Our team in the Financial and Commercial Law Department specialises in consumer banking products, factoring operations, leasing, renting, confirming, credit cards, mortgage and consumer financing, and asset financing. The advisory services offered by this area include, among others:

Mortgage law.
Claims on unfair terms.
Out-of-court settlements agreements.
Restructuring and refinancing.
Analysis of operational banking products and services.

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José García Tejada

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Sergio Martín Puga

Commercial Law Advisor