Corporate social responsability | Escoem

Commitment to our environment is key for us

At ESCOEM, we apply our corporate social responsibility to our management model and activities. We use the necessary resources and engagement to foster a management model that is >committed to our local social, environmental and economic sphere..

These principles, together with transparency, communication and an open dialogue with our clients, are the values that make our firm stand out. We focus our efforts on three fundamental pillars that define us:

Escoem is a partner (silver sponsor) of the University of Granada in the entrepreneurship activities developed by the General Coordination of Entrepreneurship – UGRemprendora (Coordinación General de Emprendimiento).

With this sponsorship/patronage, ESCOEM aims, as a gesture of goodwill, to counsel entrepreneurial projects developed by members of the university community, participate in discussions and symposiums, as well as award the 2nd prize of the University Entrepreneurship Competition (Concurso Universitario de Emprendimiento).

Gary Sherman Snyder once remarked: “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” and its our responsibility to take care of our natural environment.

ESCOEM has signed a partnership agreement with WWF Spain by joining the ‘100 Companies for the Forests’ initiative (100 Empresas por los bosques), a project that supports the reforestation of Doñana National Park.

You can also collaborate with WWF Spain by becoming a member or volunteering in forest restoration projects.

If everyone helps, reforestation