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In a globalised world where the ICT sector is becoming increasingly relevant, it is essential to count upon an advisory service to help you improve the management and profitability of your company.

We are aware of the relevance of the ICT sector and the positive effect it creates among entrepreneurs. At ESCOEM, we believe it is essential that our society fosters and promotes entrepreneurial values since we believe that only an entrepreneurial society is capable of facing the challenges stemming from an increasingly complex globalised context. ESCOEM takes up the challenge to support the entrepreneurs in their various endeavours by contributing with our commitment and resources. We promote initiatives that seek to foster a sustainable and equitable society.

Technological companies seek for comprehensive and preventive advice that adapts to their needs: at ESCOEM, we support them with a multidisciplinary team that combines the experience and the technical training that companies need to suit their requirements. As far as specific advice on new technologies is concerned, we address mainly business plans, the search for financing, tax and accounting planning, business organisation and the protection of intellectual property.

Scope of services

ESCOEM’s team of experts is composed of highly qualified lawyers, economists and accountants: this enables our firm to manage any company in a comprehensive manner. We handle the preparation and filing of the different taxes required by the Spanish fiscal regime.

Our firm advocates the fulfilment of our clients' accounting and tax obligations before the Spanish Public Administration, hence relieving entrepreneurs of this responsibility and allowing them to focus on their day-to-day business. This service is available thanks to IT systems that speed up communication with our clients.

ESCOEM’s Tax Advisory Department offers preventive and continuous counselling on tax matters to companies and private individuals. ESCOEM focuses on the formulation of fiscal strategies that comply with taxation requirements according to the real situation, as well as implementing accounting, economic and financial strategies that foster the competitiveness of companies to encourage business development.

ESCOEM´s Commercial Advisoy Department holds a wealth of experience as specialists in the planning and execution of the different procedures that companies require in this area.

We advise and represent companies across Spain. Our experts have an outstanding grasp of national markets. We offer you an individual and comprehensive service accordance with company requirements in the commercial field. Awareness of the legislation and its correct application in this area are central for business development.

Our advisory service covers all the subspecialties of Spanish Commercial Law, encompassing a business perspective (contracts, corporate governance, corporate) and covering operations (transfers, acquisitions, mergers and divisions, corporate restructuring).

We offer the experience and the knoeledge that we have accumulated over more than 30 years in advising companies and private individuals on complex financial transactions.

Our experts prepare corporate and structural transactions that are critical for any company, including, among others, corporate financing, project financing, banking products and real estate financing. Financial advisory services also cover debt restructuring and refinancing operations during a business crisis, as well as in negotiations with creditors and debtors.

We truly provide individual advice to maximise our client’s resources and capital.

ESCOEM´s Labour law department works closely with our clients, providing them with efficient and high-quality services that coordinate human resources and meets the companies’ needs as quickly as possible.

Our labour cunselling services enable companies to comply with any workplace situation that may arise. One of the key components when managing a successful business is labour planning in terms of business restructuring, hiring, strategic flexibility systems, top management and occupational risk prevention.

Staying true to our philosophy of preventing advice, our experts maintain their clients updated and informed on the latest legislative developments in the workplace..

The team of specialists in this area is composed of the economists and accounting experts: a total of 10 professionals provide accounting support to the firm’s clients.

Our team fosters a transversal and multidisciplinary vision to approach complex issues across different legal matters. They apply the legal provisions, doctrine and jurisprudence that must be borne by all entrepreneurs so that they can properly administer their business..

One of our hallmarks at ESCOEM is the technical competence of our experts, a quality that enables them to adapt to different business contexts thanks to the multidisciplinary nature and the experience of our firm. These factors have enabled us to advise companies operating in most business sectors.

In a globalised world that is constantly evolving, companies are forced to carry out a large number of strategic changes that have a direct impact on the development of business values, risk management and economic results.

The impact of external and internal factors on a company requires a far-reaching vision of the business environment. To this end, our business consulting services support companies in their efforts innovate, transform and develop complex businesses, providing them with the answers they need to move forward and build solid enterprises.

Our specialists will provide your company with the expertise you need to grow, no matter how complex the business. ESCOEM possesses the necessary qualifications to meet business needs and provides comprehensive solutions through financial planning, business organisation, risk management and by implementing digital transformation systems.