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In a globalised world that is constantly evolving, companies are forced to enact a large number of strategic changes that have a direct impact on the development of business values, risk management and economic results.

The impact of external and internal factors on a company requires a far-reaching vision of the business environment. To this end, our business consulting services support companies in their efforts to innovate, transform and develope complex businesses, providing them with the answers they need to move forward and build solid enterprises.

Our specialists will provide your company with the expertise you need to grow, no matter how complex the business. ESCOEM possesses the necessary qualifications to meet business needs by providing comprehensive solutions through financial planning, business organisation, risk management and by implementing digital transformation systems.

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In an increasingly globalised and technological world, companies must face constant evolution. The host of changes that affect companies are driven by factors such as geopolitical events, reforms of the legal framework, the evolution of the market or the implementation of new technologies. Our experts will help you achieve measurable results through the analysis and study of these factors so you can obtain an accurate insight on the reality of business in your industry and conduct a quick and successful adaptation process.

ESCOEM’s business consulting services help companies by avoiding situations of risk or improving their competitiveness. Some of the services we offer include:

Design and implementation of new business strategies
Analysis and development of e-commerce strategies
Design and organisation of the business structure
Implementation of organisational culture regulations
Knowledge management
Human resource management

We help you design and implement suitable financial systems to achieve your goals by transforming your company's operating model. We focus our efforts on improving your performance and productivity. Over time, companies require the services of external professionals to help them implement financial systems in line with business reality.

Our experts hold extensive experience and deliver a multidisciplinary approach that will help you overcome the daily challenges faced by a business.

We monitor and promote sound business management
We boost your business and strengthen the decision-making process.
We run a cost audit to ensure business efficiency

If you are thinking of starting a business, require funding or are unsure how to get started, rest assured that the first step is to develop a business plan. ESCOEM offers entrepreneurs and companies a highly specialised service to formulate their business plan by analysing the project’s economic and technical viability. ESCOEM accompanies you in the incorporation and business development process by supporting you to convert your project into reality.

Strategic design and planning
Business plan preparation
SWOT analysis of the project
Financial advice
Support in accessing and obtaining funding

When a company experiences hardship, it becomes a challenge to overcome adversities and create a new, viable strategic plan. At ESCOEM, we help identify the risks and the impact of bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings. Our team will support you to develop and implement a business strategy that will put the company back on the road to growth.

The main objective of the advisory services provided by this area is to seamlessly respond to the following challenges:

Promote and favour the company’s growth
Protect the organisation's assets

The continuous evolution of the legal framework causes deep concern among companies due to the latent risk of non-compliance with regulations. Nevertheless, these legal developments lead to a more competitive economic scenario and the establishment of new opportunities. To achieve the correct balance between risk and opportunity, it is essential to receive preventive advice that ensures risk assessment processes, as well as new production processes.

Our professionals will establish action protocols intended to stimulate strategic initiatives and the exchange of ideas needed to improve business performance.

Technology has burst into society and the business world; nevertheless, it is here to stay. This is the renown digital revolution, a process that has transformed the way of doing things. Technology has bred new business opportunities. However, the digital world is full of challenges: one of them is how digital transformation can meet new market demands.

The Business Consulting Area analyses companies to address this major challenge. It does so by focusing on the search for a balance between risk and performance from a broad business perspective, and its services include:

Cost efficiency
Compliance with new regulations
Analysis of new digital threats
Digitalisation of documents and production processes
E-commerce strategy

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